Our team consists of dedicated individuals who are up early and work late to ensure you have the best car wash experience. 

Hlatin Tan ("Tan") (1982)

Tan's Touchless Carwash
Richard Park, Manager (1985)
Alfredo Garcia, Manager (1994)
​Raymond Tan, Manager (2014)

San Jose Touchless Carwash
John Wong, Manager (1982)
Raymond Tan, Manager (2014)
Vivien Hin, Customer Service Rep. (1999)

San Jose Touchless Carwash


With over three decades of car wash and management experience, we take pride in our quality of work and strive to provide our customers with the best car wash experience in town. We want you to be 100% satisfied with every visit. If you are not completely satisfied, we will make it right. Please share your experience with us on location, by phone, by email or through the comment form on our CONTACT US page.  

About Us

Tan's Touchless Carwash


Tan’s Touchless Carwashwas established in 1982, and San Jose Touchless Carwash was established in 1992.  When Hlatin Tan started Tan’s Touchless Carwash in 1982, he visited a professional car wash only once before and learned the car wash business without any formal education or training.  He is the model of a hard working businessman and built the business with his wit to become an entrepreneur and dedication to run a successful car wash.  After working in the car wash industry for over 30 years, he is considered one of the most respected and knowledgeable car wash owners in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Richard Park and Alfredo Garcia oversee Tan’s Touchless Carwash. John Wong oversees San Jose Touchless Carwash.


We offer an extensive range of car wash and professional auto detail services at competitive prices. Choose from a variety of car wash packages with extra services, including rainbow wax, wheel cleaner and tire dressing, to fit any and all of your car care needs. We also offer professional detail services, including hand wax, clay wax, buffing, carpet / seat shampoo and headlight restoration, to protect your investment.

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