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can you remove a scratch on my car?

Light surface scratches can be removed by our detailing services.  Our Service Advisor would be more than happy to take a look at your car and let you know if a scratch on your car can be removed.

shouldn't i be saving water?

You save water by visiting a professional car wash.  Studies have shown washing your car at home with a hose uses an average of 100 gallons or more of water.  In contrast, based on the 2005 International Carwash Association's study, a professional car wash uses about 34 gallons.


It depends on how quickly your car gets dirty and how dirty it gets.  If your car is lightly used and parked indoors, a wash every two weeks is sufficient.  If your car is parked outdoors where it is exposed to bird droppings, bug marks, tree sap or other toxins, you should wash your car more often.  Bird droppings, bug marks, tree sap, water spots and oxidation should be treated as soon as possible because these contaminants may cause permanent marks if not handled promptly.


why should i go to a car wash when i can wash my car at home?

By using a professional car wash, you conserve water and protect our environment.  Washing your car at home will use an average of 100 gallons or more of water, and the dirty water which may contain soap, road acid, brake dust and other harmful contaminants empties into the storm drain and straight into the Bay.  In contrast, when you wash your car with us, we use a fraction of the water and we also collect and dispose of the used water through a sanitary sewer system as required by law.

should i wax my car?

Regular hand waxing will help preserve your car’s color and provide a deep, high gloss shine to your car's exterior.  Most cars have a thin, transparent clear coat on top of the color coat to provide the shine.  Environmental elements, such as acid rain, bird droppings, bug marks, tree sap, water spots and oxidation, erode the clear coat causing your car’s color to look dull and faded over time.  Regular waxing restores the protective clear coat, reducing future dullness, fading and scratches.  We offer hand application of a professional grade wax and recommend a hand wax every month and at least once in the winter and in the summer.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

whY Tan's AND san jose touchless carwash?

We offer an extensive range of car wash and professional auto detail services at competitive prices.  Our car wash services include a 100% touchless car wash tunnel system and a personalized hand wash preparation and finish.   Choose from a variety of car wash packages with extra services, such as rainbow wax, wheel cleaner and tire dressing, to fit any and all of your car care needs.   We also offer professional detail services, including hand wax, clay wax, buffing, carpet / seat shampoo and headlight restoration, to protect your investment.

what can i expect during my visit?

When you enter the car wash, drive to the shortest lane.  Our Service Advisor will greet you, examine your car and discuss your car wash and detail service options. Our wash prep attendants hand wash your car's exterior, then send it through our touchless technology car wash tunnel.  As your car travels through the tunnel, high powered water and wax are applied to your car.  Our quality control agents clean your car's interior with a thorough vacuum and towel wipe down by hand.


why a touchless carwash?

We use a 100% touchless carwash tunnel system and a personalized hand preparation and finish to clean your car.  A touchless carwash is "THE SAFEST WAY TO WASH YOUR CAR" because it uses only high pressure water and soap to clean your car without using any brushes, bristles and sponges.  Since nothing touches your car as it travels through the carwash tunnel, there isn’t anything that will scratch or damage your car’s exterior.

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